Kinnikinnick Product Catalogue Concept
This catalogue for gluten-and-allergen-free Edmonton-based baked goods company was created during a Publication Design course. The goal is to create
a cohesive product catalogue to explore complex grids, while using an existing local brand and product line.

Disclaimer: This is a concept only, and is neither recognized, endorsed, nor used by Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.
All product photographs (which excludes the following, which are license-free stock photography: all full-page photos, recipe photos, and photos in the "Kinnikinnick Fresh" page), text, recipes, and product descriptions are from Kinnikinnick's website. This is a conceptual, non-commercial project only. This project uses Kinnikinnick's existing logo, colours, and Free From symbol, which are not my creation.
To see Kinnikinnick's current catalogue, visit
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